CAAE Committee Charters

As a volunteer-run organization, members of CAAE are encouraged to take an active part in the life and programs of the organization. A description of each CAAE committee follows, identifying the Chair of the group and a summary of current action items, where applicable. To enquire about joining a committee, please contact the Chair directly.

Committees Established by the Bylaws

Audit (Jorge Ancona, UC Riverside) – arranges for a review of the organization’s financial records; reviews the results of reviews, financial records (including income statements, balance sheet and budget), tax documents, investments and fund balances; conducts a risk assessment for the organization; and reports all findings and recommendations to the Board. The Bylaws require that the President appoint a chair and at least two Members who shall not be current board members or officers.

Activities for 2020-2021: The committee will review the audit report and issue findings to the CAAE Board of Directors who will review it and report to the membership.


Executive Committee (Hoopes Wampler, Pennsylvania) – acts between meetings of the Board on all matters not otherwise delegated to the Board or the Members. The Bylaws establish the committee as the President, Vice President, Immediate Past President (when the Immediate Past President is a member of the Board), Treasurer, and Secretary and require that all actions of the Executive Committee must be reported to the Board no later than the next regular meeting of the Board.

Activities for 2020-2021: There are no plans to convene the committee unless there is a need to act between meetings.

Governance (Laura Wayland, Northwestern) – ensures the Board is performing at optimal levels by soliciting nominations from the CAAE membership and nominating Board candidates; ensuring that the size, leadership, representation, and composition of the Board are appropriate; and oversees governance structures and policies (including committee structure, Bylaws, and other policies). The Bylaws require that the Committee consists of three current Board members and two other members not currently on the Board, including the Immediate Past President. Current members of the Governance Committee may not be nominated for open officer or board member positions. This committee is established in the Bylaws. 

Activities for 2020-2021: The committee will meet to solicit nominations and make recommendations for the 2020-2021 Officers and Directors.

Committees Established by the Board of Directors

Affinity Partners & Sponsorship (Jeff Davis,  Mississippi State) – assesses, develops, and implements policies and plans to cultivate, solicit, and retain CAAE affinity partners as sponsors and partners; defines and delivers benefits of sponsorship for the CAAE Summer and Winter Institute; and solicits Affinity Partners for other types of partnerships  with CAAE. 

Activities for 2020-2021: 

  • Re-design what it means to be a Corporate Partner )i.e. vendor/service provider like Liberty Mutual/iModules) versus a mission-oriented partner (ie organizations with a shared interest in our field like the Gallup Organization or the Lilly School of Philanthropy)
  • Solicit and communicate adjustments to Corporate Partner sponsorship packages

Awards/Fellowships (Jorge Ancona, UC Riverside) – establishes criteria for the Forman, Tardy, and Preo fellowships; implements a process for selecting candidates that includes soliciting nominees from the membership at large; recommends candidates to the Board for approval; and coordinates presentations to membership with the Institutes Committee. Reviews submissions for the Innovation Fund and makes recommendation to the Board for the approval. Works with the Communications chair to announce the committee’s selections. 

Activities for 2020-2021: 

  • Re-work application and update website
  • Populate the committee
  • Restructure the experience for the fellows
  • Involve the committee on a more personal level with the fellows

Communications (Gabrielle Korn, McGill) – Develops and implements a strategic communications plan that articulates member and organizational value; advances membership community-building goals; delivers on brand positioning; and supports organizational growth.

Activities for 2020-2021:

  • Develop an annual editorial calendar to align content with the activities of CAAE, providing support to the Board and its committees;
  • Ensure the delivery of a monthly newsletter that raises awareness of key CAAE news and activities, elevates the profile of individual members, and promotes the deepening of peer networks and partnerships;
  • Promote the use of the CAAE website, the Show of Hands and Vendor Matrix tools, and LinkedIn group to increase direct forms of communication between and among members.

Institutes (Julie Sina, UCLA and Duane Wiles, UT) – develops and implements professional development programs and services, primarily the annual Winter Institute and Summer Session. In addition to winter and summer institutes, develop ongoing training activities and networking opportunites for CAAE members and a number of activities open to all CAAE staff

  • Populate the committee including chairs for each individual institute and individuals to particiapte in ongoing discussion and planning
  • Develop outlines for winter and summer institutes
  • Identify keynotes for the institute
  • Plan and implement monthly virtual sessions with opportunities for staff to participate

Membership (Susan deMuth, Johns Hopkins) – assesses, develops, and implements plans to cultivate, solicit, and retain CAAE members, regularly reviewing membership policies, procedures, and pricing; evaluating member needs and satisfaction; and conducting membership marketing campaigns and research designed to meet membership goals. 

Activities for 2020-2021:

  • Develop comprehensive list of eligible members and track status
  • Create orientation program
  • Build a celebration component to summer institute to celebrate new and retiring/exiting members
  • Look for ways to build diversity within the CAAE membership

Research (Bill McCausland, South Florida; J T. Forbes, Indiana) – develops and delivers CAAE’s agenda for evidence- and outcome-based best practices in alumni relations; manages the annual CAAE Census and Salary Survey; and devises and implements methods for collecting, accessing, storing, and reporting on major trends and issues facing the alumni relations field.

Activities for 2020-2021:

  • Evolve the annual CAAE Census and Salary Survey to be more of a streamlined, efficient decision-making tool.  
  • Collaborate with CASE on alumni engagement reporting initiatives.